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Oct 8, 2012 4:30am PDT
perfect weather. >>> cooler weather on the way. 45 santa rosa, 48 half moon bay, low to mid 50s san rafael 58, antioch 60. still watching area of low pressure drawing closer to san francisco, mix of sun and clouds today like over the weekend. since it is drawing closer also bringing cooler weather maybe one to three degrees cooler today than yesterday, temperatures across the board below average 40s, 50s 7:00 mostly clear skies, warming slowly noon mid to upper 60s bay and inland upper 50s coast 4:00 low 70s inland upper 60s bay low 60s coast you need a jacket during the evening, 50s and 60s. next three days chance of showers mainly to the south around monterey bay and south tuesday and wednesday. thursday start to see maybe a very tiny warming trend in the 70s across the board along our inland neighborhoods. 60s bay, 50s coast. >>> good morning. good ride so far, live shot of the golden gate bridge no roadwork this morning configured now three lanes south, two lanes north they will change that when the commute gets underway fully. highway 4 westbound at somersville debris in lanes. eastbo
Oct 2, 2012 4:30am PDT
to stop traffic. we'll have a live report from kira klapper. >>> this morning, investigators in santa rosa are lookinging for a serial arsonist three buildings were targeted, two churches downtown and engineering office. lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: this is the worst of the damage doors at the catholic church downtown santa rosa charred. it could have been worse had a priest not heard the sound of the molotov cocktail shattering. the staff says he doused the fire with water as soon as he could. >> nobody has been hurt. it is the doors of the church damaged. that is a disappointment. but we'll get over that. >> reporter: investigators say whoever threw the molotov cocktail also targeted the episcopal church minutes before. no damage here, the fire department says the device failed. another molotov cocktail did ignite at the offices of a civil engineering firm. flames charred the outside of the building and melted an irrigation pipe before a janitor put the fire out. >> i think something like this happens not somebody thinking clearily or making reasonable decisions, just random ta
Oct 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
through the weekend. today, seven degrees warmer in concord, fremont, santa rosa close to yesterday, not one to two degrees cooler south bay low to mid 90s even 97 los gatos mid 80s to mid 90s peninsula. half moon bay 72, pacifica 74 upper 70s sunset, daly city mid 80s downtown, south san francisco, mid to upper 70s north bay beaches, low to mid 90s in your valleys, east bay shore mid 80s to near 90 union city and fremont at 91, wealth of upper nine toes to 100s east bay valleys that -- upper 90s to 100 east bay valleys, the state is hot everywhere. 108 palm springs record high 81 possible in tahoe today. temperatures cool the most tomorrow at the coast starts moving through the bay inland wednesday thursday all of us about 10 to 18° cooler than today. here's sue. >>> good morning. live shot of 80 through berkeley east shore freeway past golden gate fields into emeryville towards the macarthur maze, headlights, relatively light, traffic at the limit. westbound on san mateo bridge tail lights towards the highrise section to foster city moving at the limit no delays. quick look at dr
Oct 3, 2012 4:30am PDT
, santa rosa, half moon bay to the 70s around antioch and fremont. 72 antioch, 8 in fremont. -- 78 in fremont. cooler towards the flatter land like everybody else in the 60s. today, here's what is happening. high pressure splitting a little, breaking off and the heat beginning to break just a little not until the logos close enough can pull up clouds that we'll see significant cooling. 5:00 this morning, clear, quiet towards noon 1:00, sea breeze starts to kick in, clouds follow as we need the latter parts of the afternoon into the evening that's when you see dramatic drop we could drop 10 to 15° within an hour at the coast depending on when the sea breeze kicks in. mid to upper 80s south bay today. mainly low to mid 80s peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s coast mid to upper 70s downtown south san francisco and sausalito low to mid 80s north bay valleys mid 70s to mid 80s on the pens la today low to mid 90s may need the air conditioner in the east bay valleys upper 60s to low 70s monterey bay inland mid to upper 80s. the entire division it comes down to the last game, of the season ra
Oct 5, 2012 4:30am PDT
, santa rosa 50°. 24 hours ago we were milder, we are cooler this morning you will feel it yesterday 60s, two degrees cooler in oakland partly cloudy over the weekend chance of showers still in the forecast monday and tuesday. here's the way it is playing out this morning, low clouds, fog throughout the overnight hours, trying to make that push this early morning hour then evaporates quickly. area of low pressure get used to seeing it, we are going to see it all weekend long to the west us, several hundred miles it going to take through next week, not only to go over the bay area, to wring out any moisture with it. it is a cut-off low so it goes hard to predict the closer it gets many monday, tuesday, showers and -- mo moving out not until the end of the workweek. 71 palo alto, 67 millbrae, san francisco like yesterday, 64 partly cloudy, mostly sunny skies, 72 sonoma. holding on to the cloud cover first part of the day then more sunshine 68 san leandro mid 70s pittsburg maybe a few degrees cooler here monterey cloudy and a look ahead lots of 70s, maybe a few rain drops monday. >>> good m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5